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Hey There! I'm Louisa

Thank you for being interested in working with me! I am eternally grateful to have a career as a tattoo artist.


Following is what you should know BEORE submitting an inquiry form.


Take your time filling our your project request, I know the following is a lot of information. I get asked multiple times, everyday, about the information here, and in the following form.


 ALL appointments are pre-scheduled, sometimes up to 6 months in advance (current wait times vary), please expect to plan ahead. Good tattoos and good artists are worth waiting for. 


Due to a regular high demand, I am unable to take all projects. I wish I was superhuman. Please do not be offended if I am unable to take on your project, I promise it is not personal. 



 I mainly take custom projects, and only those I know I am a good fit for creatively. If I cannot envision your project, do not have enough detail, or am not able to make a budget fit the goal in mind, I will not be able to take on the project.


I produce my best work when I can see the requested piece clearly in my mind, and I am given enough creative flexibility to bring something authentic to the end result. 

Projects that light me up, and I shine at: 

Animal portraits, human portraits, floral work, geometric work, abstract work, fine-art reproductions, and mastectomy art. Intuitively my mind works best in the land of realism and detail, but have found a deep love for simple line and shape work the hugs the flow of the body, and the traditional tattoo style as well. 

I work in both black and white and color, and am mostly working on larger or more detailed pieces. On average, people end up sitting with me 2-6 times to complete projects.



I will schedule a phone call or in-person consult with you if I need to more information, feedback, or feel I need to bring more to the table on your project. 


Drawings are reviewed at your appointment, NOT BEFORE. I will reach out if I have doubts or am not clear on your vision and needs. I understand this takes trust, I will not abuse that. If you change your mind on your concept, please let me know ASAP, do not wait until your appointment. 


2024 Rates: I offer both session and hourly rates ($200 an hr.) 

I will review your projects, and will let you know what path I expect your project to take.

All bookings require at non-refundable 30% deposit to hold the day and time. 


If you need time more to budget for your project, that is fine! We know tattoos are expensive, please keep in mind they last longer than most possessions you will own and are part of your personal image, I want you to have the tattoo you dream of. Tattoos require planning for many people. Please let us know if you need to book further out or need to plan your sittings further apart, we are humans too and have responsibilities and bills as well. 


5. REVIEW OUR CANCELATION POLICY (at the bottom of the page).

I begin prepping and working on your project before you walk through the door.  Read and understand our strict cancelation policy, it is a necessary professional boundary for my financial stability and so I can have enough time to fill any openings that may arise. I do not enjoy having to enforce it.

Thank you again for the trust you put in me! The link to the project form will be found at the 

 Cancelation/Reschedule Policy

Make any needed changes 48 Hours BEFORE your appointment

Please give us enough notice to fill an opening, we do not enjoy enforcing this policy.This policy is in place to protect our artists and the work they put into their appointments prior to arrival. 

  • Cancelations need to be made PRIOR to 48 hours before your appointment via the “cancel/change” button found in all scheduler notification emails to avoid cancelation fee’s up to 100% of the days service.

    • If we are able to fill the time slot upon notice of cancelation, no cancelation fee’s will be charged to the card held on file at booking. If we are unable to fill your appointment, we will be put in a position to enforce our cancelation policy as stated above, please give us as much notice as possible. 

  • Reschedules made within 48 hours of the appointment will need to rebook and place another retaining deposit to hold the new appointment.  If an appointment is rescheduled more than 2 times from the original booking date, a new deposit will be required to continue reserving a day and time for the project.


Important: Use your booking emails to reschedule at anytime before 48 hours. Do not call or text the shop to cancel or reschedule, unless you are past the 48 hour mark or have an emergency. 


Bluebird Ink does not offer returns of any kind, including retainers, deposits, booking fees, or service charges. 

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Texting is best.


Main Shop: 502.324.3371

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