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Congrats on your new tattoo! Now it’s your job to heal the area beautifully!


How you care for your tatoo afterward in the short AND longterm can make the difference between a good or bad tattoo.  

Back Tattoo
Delicate Tattoo Design

Healing and Longterm


The key to healing any tattoo is to keep the area gently cleansed and slightly AND consistently hydrated with approved ointments such as Aquaphore, coconut oil, or what we sell in shop. How you heal your tattoo into your skin permanently is just as important as actually putting the tattoo into your skin. 


Over the next 30 days your skin will naturally shed its top layer of skin, and grow a new layer of skin over the slightly more deeply placed ink. This is why tattoos always look perfectly black and bold at first, and then heal out a bit softer and not as "tight".  Fine line tattoos take a little more  post care work, than a big bold tattoo, as there is not as much ink in the skin. 

It is not uncommon to have a "touchup appointment" anywhere from 3months-3 years later for fine line work, or hand/foot tattoos. Let us know how you have healed, and if needed you are able to schedule a touch up session online!


To understand a healing tattoo in depth please check out our blog post :     . In case of signs of infection or confusion with aftercare please text at 502.324.3371

Permanent Makeup Aftercare


Tattoo "Body Art"  Aftercare