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Congrats on your new tattoo! Now it’s your job to heal the area beautifully! Your aftercare can make the difference between a good or bad final result. DO NOT PICK AT THE AREA. PAT THE AREA IN CASE OF ITCHING.




Immediately Following Procedure: You may ice the area several times daily with a clean and protected ice pack (or peas) for 5-10 minutes. Ice helps reduce swelling and aids in healing. (NEW,Moistened, and chilled BLACK tea bags also are great for any swelling.)


During 24 Hours Following Procedure: Wash the tattooed area every 3-5 hours with clean hands and mild non-scented soap to remove any plasma buildup. Let dry, and then moisturize area SPARINGLY with ointment given or A&D ointment. NEVER APPLY OINTMENT OVER WET SKIN, that can trap bacteria.


2-14 Days Following Procedure: Wash the tattooed area 2-3 times a day, and moisturize with ointment/A&D/ or a gentle moisturizer free of chemicals. * Do not use mascara or eyelash curler for seven days post eye procedure. When you resume use, purchase a new tube, the old tube has bacteria in it. DO NOT APPLY MAKEUP DIRECTLY TO THE TATTOOED SITE FOR AT LEAST 10 DAYS! There is an emotional roller coaster to healing permanent makeup, Please be patient while healing, your final result will only be truly seen after 4-6 weeks.


Body Work & Nipples Tattoos



1. If bandaged with clear water resistant film by artist, please leave the breathable bandage in place for 5-7 days.

   If temporarily bandaged, please leave temp. bandage in place for 2-3 hours then shower or cleanse with a mild soap and thoroughly let the area dry 5-10 minutes then carefully apply the clear Tegaderm bandage, (be careful to not allow any air bubbles where bacteria may breed). **Let your artist know if you develop a sensitivity to the adhesive. **


2. Keep Film on for at least 5 days, 7 days max! Trim corners if they begin to pull up, IT CAN LOOK A LITTLE MESSY UNDERNEATH.

It is creating a “wet healing environment” which is awesome for super speedy healing.


3. After 5-7 days, under warm running water, gently and gradually remove the tegaderm bandage.


4. For the life of your tattoo, moisturized the area 1-2x daily with ointment given, a gently non-scented lotion, or body friendly oil.


All Procedures


* Do not expose treated area to full pressure of shower. Lean head backward while shampooing to protect permanent makeup.

* Do not soak treated area in bath, swimming pool or hot tub. Do not swim in fresh, salt, or Chlorinated pool water for 2- 3 weeks.

* Do not expose the treated area to the sun, use a total sunblock after the procedure area has healed to prevent future fading of pigment/color.

* Use clean hands, sterile bandages, and appropriate dressings when necessary and directed. (NO procedure can be guaranteed, we all have living breathing changing bodies.)

* If you are a blood donor, you cannot give blood for 1 year following your procedure. Per American Red Cross.


***Please contact your tattoo artist and/or doctor if there are signs of swelling, puss, excessive redness or painful inflammation at the tattoo site!! DO NOT ASK YOUR FRIENDS. IF signs of infection arise, 1st response should be with CURAD’s Silver Gel , It is anti-bacterial, anti-germicidal, anti-fungal.***