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Welcome to Bluebird Ink

We welcome birdies of all genders, colors, faiths, ethnicities, and shapes into our nest.

We know you are excited and anxious to book your appointment, and it's hard to wait!

Important for Booking


First, your artist must have specific and detailed information to create an awesome tattoo for you. It's also important to understand our policies and how we operate, so you have an easy booking and tattoo experience. 


1.  Below, choose which artist you would like to book with.

2. Read through their full welcome & policy page.  

3. Fill out a booking request if their books are open OR if their books are closed, sign up to be notified of openings or scheduling reopening. 


Contacting us


Email is preferred for non-immediate concerns.

Text the shop at 502.324.3371 if you need an artist directly. 

  • We are a private studio with limited staff. We respond to messages as we are able to when out of gloves.

  • We respond to booking requests during our weekly non-client office hours.

  • Use our business number or email for all things related to your project

  • Please be patient, you are important to us.


Choose Your Artist 

Louisa Kleinert


Louisa Kleinert has been tattooing for 9 years, and opens her books as availability allows.

Sign up to be notified of an openings, or given a heads up when her books are opening if her books are not currently open for booking requests.


Ashley Shumaker


Ashley Shumaker is in her 2nd year tattooing, and opens her books at regular intervals. Join her booking notification list to be notified if her books are closed.  






Whitley Truman 

Junior Artist

Whitley Truman is Louisa's working apprentice, she is working with clients independently and is overseen by Louisa while she is building her skills and experience.  Her clients are loving her!

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