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Tears, Tears and More Tears

I have the honor of regularly connecting with the breast cancer survivors that come to the shop, each of their stories are as unique as snowflakes. I always end up in tears, and sometimes with goosebumps. The pure strength of these women affected by this terrible illness blows my mind. All of the surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, drains and then more surgeries, is enough to make anyone want to give up. But not these cancer warriors, here they are still raising families, enjoying grandchildren, and doing it all with without missing a beat.

Recently I was able to complete my first solo areola reconstruction tattoo. The feeling of pure joy and excitement overthrew any type of nervousness that I could have felt that day. I remember each of the stories I’ve heard, holding my clients story closest to my heart as I set up. If she could endure all she had then I most definitely complete this. I have had months of training and practice, I was ready.

As soon as the needles touched her skin you could see relief sink across her body. She knew she was in the right place to feel whole again. We played some great music and had even better conversations throughout her procedure. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience for the both of us.

Two hours passed and it was time for the big reveal.

I was able to give her overall color and balance back in the first procedure, during the second “perfecting appointment” I’ll add more texture and highlights. Nothing I said throughout this appointment prepared her for what she was about to see. Her eyes welled up with tears and her hands covered her mouth. She couldn’t wait to hug me. Something she had been missing for so many years was back and better than she ever could have imagined. Finally her tears were of joy, relief and of feeling whole again. If I knew all those years ago that I could bring this much happiness into the world with art, I wouldn’t have believed you.

- xoxo, Lyndsey

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