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October is national breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women over the course of their lifetime.  Bluebird Ink Beautique is an all female tattoo studio specializing in restorative 3-D areola tattoos for breast cancer survivors.

In honor of the brave women battling breast cancer, a portion of the proceeds from all permanent makeup and scar art completed in September and October at Bluebird Ink Beautique will go towards giving two nominated cancer warriors free reconstructive nipple tattoos. To nominate yourself or a loved one, email your story of strength and survival to or use the nomination form to the right.


Two applicants will be chosen at the end of October to receive a reconstructive tattoo free of charge. Additionally, all nominees will receive 15% off of one future service.

Cancer Survivor Nomination
Who are you nominating?

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Can one person receive multiple nominations?

Absolutely! Multiple people can nominate a single survivor. As the winners are choosen by raffle, the more nominations a single person gets, the better their chance. Please only submit one nomination per survivor.

How/when will a winner be chosen?

The winner is chosen through a raffle. Each nomination equals 1 chance to win. While multiple nominations for a single survivor will increase their chances, it does not guarantee a win. Winners will be chosen at the end of October.

What can I do to help?

There are plenty of ways you can participate! 1. Nominate your survivor 2. Book a permanent makeup session (a percentage of all permanent makeup proceeds goes towards this event) 3. Share this event on your social media