Mastectomy Tattoos

Breast Cancer Tattoos, also known as Mastectomy Tattoos or "Nipple Tattoos" are what inspired the opening of Bluebird Ink Beautique. While in graduate school for figurative oil painting, Louisa's mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 


It was with her mother's encouragement, and her understanding of the devastation of cancer, Louisa continued her artistic career by training in cosmetic, paramedical, and traditional tattooing. She is proud to offer this specialized and high-quality service to Kentucky and region.

Online Consultation

Every survivor's experience is different. We know you'll have a lot of questions which is why we offer a 100% free online consultation. Click the button below to book yours today!

How much do nipple tattoos cost? For areola reconstruction tattoos the 2019 price is paid in two payments, $400 is the payment at the initial appointment, and $200 is paid at the perfection visit 7-10 weeks later.  An artistic mastectomy tattoo is priced per piece.


When am I ready or How long do I need to wait after surgery?   Everyone heals at a different pace. In general, I have found most women are ready 8-12 months after their last surgery. Please email us a photo, or set up a consultation of your scar tissue to see if you are ready for your new nipples yet!


Can you tattoo Irradiated skin?   Yes. However, I have found most irradiated skin to heal slightly differently than non-irradiated.


Does insurance cover this? Yes and No. Each insurance company is different, many bill it as an out-of-network reimbursal. Many Plans for a successful reimbursement, will require a doctors referral (to the artist) and an invoice with the specific medical procedure codes to be submitted. Step one to finding out if your procedure will be covered is to call your insurance; sometimes it takes some firm discussions.


How long does it take? It takes about 2-2.5 hours from the time you arrive until you leave.


How many appointments do I need?  You will see me two times, 7-9 weeks apart, unless it is necessary to have a third "sitting".

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