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We know this is a lot to read,  we want you to be prepared for your appointment.

Our artists work long hours in gloves, away from technology, and are not always able to get to the phone or respond to emails quickly. Please read through the information below, as we will refer you to this page if you have questions pertaining to this information. 



We are a private studio, ALL artists are appointment only.  EVEN JUST FOR QUESTIONS.

     -If you would like a day-of appointment, please text for availability.

- We are a teaching studio, if you would like to get in quickly you may want to consider working with our apprenticing artist.


We welcome all colors, cultures, genders, sexualities, and faiths.

We do NOT work with hatred, racism, sexism, or religious intolerance. 

Regarding Covid Shop Policies:  We are currently not requiring our clients to wear masks due to the current low infection rate in the state of Kentucky. This policy may change at any time.


We find it important to do our part to protect our community's most vulnerable. We encourage everyone to discuss their vaccination eligibility with their physician. Please keep in mind artists do not have paid time off or access to great health insurance. We would like to keep working, and keep our shop open with a healthy environment for everyone entering our door.




Booking Facts

All booking is done online via our online scheduler. 


Each of our artists open and close their books at different times. The booking page will allow you to see who is currently open for booking, or who is taking waitlist requests (if applicable). 

*Permanent Makeup Clients and Nipple clients are not required to do a consult prior to meeting. If there is previous work in the area, please text a photo of the existing tattoo to the shop number with any questions. 

*Body Art clients must submit an informational form FIRST to start the booking process.

- Once Booked, READ & SAVE your confirmation email/text. YOU ARE NOT BOOKED UNLESS YOU RECEIVE A CONFRIMATION. 

The link to cancel or reschedule your appointment (at least 48 in advance) is in your confirmation email & text. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CANCELATIONS or RESCHEDULES VIA TEXT, EMAIL, OR SOCIAL MEDIA.


 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISCUSS YOUR BODY ART  PROJECT OR HAVE QUESTIONS: Submit a consult form with your questions and project details, we will respond accordingly via email. If you already have an appointment and have questions please email us at


If you have questions surrounding permanent makeup or nipple work- please email us at

TO REACH AN ARTIST DIRECTLY or need to let the shop know you have arrived :

Please text our shop at 502.324.3371


THE DAY OF YOUR TATTOO, ONLY BRING YOURSELF.  ONLY THOSE GETTING TATTOOED ARE ABLE TO BE IN SHOP AT THIS POINT IN TIME. We know it is scary getting tattoos, we promise we will be there for you and be your biggest hype women!





*All design drawing is done BEFORE your session. Our artists draw 1 -2 nights BEFORE YOUR SESSION. THey will show you the design and go over any design options at your appointment time. We do this so we can discuss the drawing with you and so we get your own genuine feedback and opinions. If we have questions during the drawing process, we will absolutely reach out for clarity. 


Hand drawn tattoos are done on-site, the day-of. This does take extra time, however is a time-honored tradition and an amazing process that works better for some tattoos.


Regardless of stenciling technique, you will see and approve all designs before tattooing. 


Please communicate any major desired concept additions or changes from those listed on your informational form at least 24 hours BEFORE your appointment by updating your information form via email. You were sent a copy of that when you submitted your form. Do not wait until you come in.


If changes are needed and the artist is not notified in advance, for time purposes your appointment may need to be rescheduled in order to make those changes, and an additional drawing fee will be applied based on scale.  

**IF you are booking a 3D nipple session, Please check out our mastectomy FACTS page.





    Our cancelation policies are in place to give us time to fill your appointment slot if you should need to change your appointment. Our artists rely on their set schedules for their professional income. When last-minute cancelations or reschedules happen, your artist is not given time to fill your appointment and loses their planned daily income, without notice.


Bluebird Ink holds a strict 48-hour cancelation policy for all tattoo & permanent makeup services. 

**Use the link in your confirmation email or text to make changes in advance.

Cancelations made after the 48-hour window, or No Call/No-shows, may have up to the full-service cost charged to the card on file. WE DO NOT OFFER RETURNS.

Please text the shop 502.324.3371 in case of a last-minute emergency. 





We do not REQUIRE a consult prior to booking a permanent makeup appointment.


Please book a consult/call if you have questions or would like to talk to an artist prior to booking, especially if you are a new client with previous work done elsewhere.

If you have been using Latisse, Grande Lash, Lash Boost, etc. in either the eye or brow area, please schedule at least 8 WEEKS OUT. Grow serums cause increased blood blood to the area, and can cause increased swelling and bleeding while working that will impact your final result . 

**We cannot work on clients currently undergoing Chemo/Radiation, or having taken blood thinners in the last 24 hours. 



We are on Main St, on the second floor above the cheese shop "Cultured", in a Grey two-story building.  You can access our shop via the yellow front door on Main st.

We are directly across the street from "Plumbers Supply."

Parking is on the street and is usually found within 2 blocks. The parking lot next to us is private parking for Plumber Supply. Unfortunately, You will be towed if you park in that lot. If you are worried about parking please arrange a ride.








General Booking Information

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