Before any tattoo or permanent makeup procedure, it's important to be in good health and prepared to take care of your new ink. If you suffer from any immune related illness or disorder that could effect your healing, please make sure you have scheduled a consult first!

Please make sure to drink lots of water, exfoliate the area being tattooed, and moisturize well in the days leading up to your procedure. The healthier your skin is, the better of a tattoo experience you will have. We are unable to work on skin that has wounds, sunburns, acne, or other skin disorders.

Before eyeliner appointments it is crucial to discontinue the use of any lash growth serum at LEAST 2 months in advance. The use of these serums increases swelling, bleeding, and sensitivity to the area when tattooed and you will not have an ideal outcome.

Please discontinue the use of blood thinners 24 hours before your appointment, they can be continued immediately after being tattooed.

Please manage your activity routine after being tattooed, please plan to NOT sweat when bandaged by your artist. You can resume your workout routine when the bandage comes off. Please cleanse the area after working out.

Covid-19 Procedures: HELP US STAY OPEN.



If you have been under quarantine, tested positive for COVID-19, been experiencing any symptoms of illness, been around anyone sick or Covid positive, Please reschedule or schedule ahead at least 14 days out from the point of recovery AND negative test.


We are trying to keep our environment safe for all of our visitors close and far away. If you are traveling from out of state via plane, please plan to stay long enough to have a covid test performed upon your arrival in KY, and upload the negative test with your paperwork. PCR tests are preferred vs. rapid for asymptomatic people.


⏰ Our hours are by appointment ONLY.

Please come alone, we are only able to see one person at a time.

🦠 Masks are required at all times, for all appointments.


🚙 Upon arrival, please stay in your car. Your artist will call/text when the shop is ready for your visit.




To avoid losing your deposit or incurring cancellation fees, please make any needed changes at least 48 hours BEFORE your appointment by clicking the cancel/change button in your confirmation email. We enforce a 48 hour cancelation policy to be able to fill our books in case of cancelations.


In cases of a last-minute medical or family emergency, please contact your artist or shop directly to reschedule.




We are on Main St, on the second floor above "Cultured", in a Grey two-story building with a yellow door across from Plumbers Supply, caddy-corner to Lincoln Elementary. (Look for the Bluebird.)

We are on the 2nd floor, through the yellow front door, via stairs.

Parking is on the street and usually found within 2 blocks. The parking lot next to us is private parking for Plumber Supply. Unfortunately, You will be towed if you park in that lot. If you are worried about parking please arrange a ride