Nipple Tattoos FAQ's

Reclaiming your body after a mastectomy



This may be the most rewarding type of tattoo for an artist to do. This is a highly specialized type of tattooing that only those with the artistic ability to render things realistically,  and have years of tattooing experience should be performing. It requires an artist to know how to effectively tattoo various types of scar tissue in a beautiful realistic way. Please be very picky with who you choose for this, a tattoo is a long term investment, you should only want the best possible for yourself. 

How much do nipple tattoos cost?

For areola reconstruction tattoos the 2019 price is paid in two payments, $400 is the payment at the initial appointment, and $200 is paid at the perfection visit 7-10 weeks later.  


An artistic mastectomy tattoo is priced per piece. Please always feel free to schedule a quick consult if you should have more questions. 


Does it Hurt? 

No! woohoo! The majority of mastectomy clients have lost most of their nerve connections in the area, and any residual pain we treat with a topical numbing cream. Please let your artist know if you have any sensitivities to Lidocaine. 

When am I ready or How long do I need to wait after surgery?  

Everyone heals at a different pace. In general, I have found most women are ready 6-12 months after their last surgery. Please email us a photo, or set up a consultation of your scar tissue to see if you are ready for your new nipples yet!


We recommend once you are past the initial healing phase after surgery, and with your doctors clearance, to gently massage the area with vitamin e oil and/or castor oil nightly to help skin elasticity and your deeper tissue to heal.


Can you tattoo Irradiated skin?  

Yes. However, it can require patience. I have found some cases of irradiated skin to heal slightly differently than non-irradiated. It may require 1-2 more sessions depending on how reactive your skin is.  


Does insurance cover this?

Sometimes. We are not recognized by insurance companies as medical professionals, so each insurance company is different, many bill it as an out-of-network reimbursement . Many health plans for a successful reimbursement, will require a doctors "prescription" (to the artist), a pre-certification # from your insurance,  and an invoice from us showing payment with the specific medical procedure codes to be submitted. Step one to finding out if your procedure will be covered, is to call your insurance; sometimes it takes some firm discussions. There is no guarantee that we can get insurance to cover some or all of the cost. 


How long does it take?

It takes about 2-2.5 hours from the time you arrive until you leave. There is no need to take days off work, the after care is very easy and does not require you to make major life changes. (no swimming for two weeks)


How many appointments do I need? 

You will see me two times, 7-9 weeks apart, unless it is necessary to have a third "sitting".