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How do I go about getting a tattoo from you?

" My home base is at Bluebird Ink in Louisville KY most of the time. I also call Lux Beauty and Wellness in Frankenmuth, MI my "home away from home" every 6-9 weeks.  I keep my appointment availability open up to a year in advance in order to accommodate all clients. Once you have a foundational idea and inspirational imagery go to, select Consult or Discovery call, and choose the best time and day for you. 

Please make a consult BEFORE making a Tattoo session appointment, so I know exactly what you are looking for. At the consult or discovery call we will set the tattoo date! If your piece is very small and simple, an appointment may be made without a consult.

When booking a consult or direct tattoo appointment, you will be sent a digital form to explain your idea ( the more detailed you are, the better) inspirational images, fonts, etc so I can understand what we will be creating before you come in."

My Process :
1. Go to the online booking site, and request  a Consult/Discovery Session (highly suggested prior to tattooing)
2. Schedule your tattoo appointment (at your consult, call, or online) and pay the drawing fee/retainer to secure booking.
3. Fill out your appointment forms/waivers online
4. I draw the night before so things are fresh in my mind and hands. You will see your drawing when you come in for your appointment, and minor changes can be made. Significant changes may require changing your appointment. 

What should I prepare for my consult?
Before the consult, It's important to have an idea in mind of WHAT subject (what visually is important for you to have), what STYLE are you looking for (fine line, traditional, new traditional, etc), WHERE on your body, and WHEN you would like to do it.

The more visual inspiration you can show me, the better I can understand what you want and customize a design that is in your unique style and voice.


How much will my tattoo cost?
Louisa charges an hourly rate for tattoos on the day of, and a separate booking/drawing fee.  Louisa's hourly rate is $125. 

The final price of each tattoo depends on the level and complexity of detail, size, how long the appointment lasted, material cost, and the artist skill required into this hourly price.

It is important to realize that the application of a tattoo is a process, it requires special skill, patience, and attention to detail. Each tattoo has different requirements of the artist, some more time-consuming than others based on complexity, color vs. black-and-white, and the style chosen such as realism or traditional, fineline or bold tribal for example. 

When getting a larger tattoo, it is an investment not only of time, but also physical effort, and money.  Large pieces or highly intricate pieces may take multiple sittings over time, and as such, are impossible to estimate. Pricing for larger pieces such as half sleeves or full sleeves is better quoted by giving the budget that you are willing to invest at the moment.  From there, they can make designs to accommodate and stay within that budget.

Sometimes we will recommend breaking the tattoo up into multiple sessions to help budget the piece if what you want isn't financially feasible in total at the moment.  We don't want you to compromise your desires to only regret it in the long run. 

Is there anything you won't tattoo?
Bluebirds artists will not entertain ideas including hate imagery, support for animal cruelty, rebel flags, gang symbols, racial/religious/sexual discriminative imagery. We support all races, cultures, and sexes, and genders here.

 Other tattoos that are bad ideas and typically do not age well are:
*tattooing the sides of fingers, palms, sole of your foot (bottom & sides). Often finger tattoos require multiple settings and run the risk of "blow out" or migration under the skin, it is up to the artists discretion to take on any of these types of projects.
*any highly visible place (hands, neck, face) unless you're already heavily tattooed
*subtle watercolor or subtle color realism tattoos are best for fair skin tones and may require re-saturation sessions over time.
*white ink tattoos, they never heal out looking truly white and bright as they do on day #1.

Why is there a drawing fee or non-refundable deposit fee? I just want a tattoo...
First,  it shows you are a serious client, and it allows us to reserve your date and time in our schedule where you will have our 100% attention. Secondly, our body artists, have professional fine-art backgrounds. Creating a custom tattoo requires an original drawing design. We often spend many hours outside of the shop, in our evenings and early morning hours making sure you are in love with what we make for you and has all the details necessary.

I require a drawing fee for new tattoo bookings, a separate fee from the tattooing hourly rate, in order to create the custom design requested, and as a way to keep my hourly prices down.

Louisa's prices for 2020:
 $125 an hour tattooing

Drawing/booking fees:
Small (roughly 1-3 inches )- $35
Medium  (roughly 4-7 inches )- $60
1/2 day (5 hours)- $80
Full day (8 hours)-$125

For returning clients, I require a non-refundable booking deposit that comes off the total price that day to reserve your date and time in the schedule.
*In cases of no-call no-shows, or cancelations, the drawing fee or retainer will be required to be paid again for a future booking.

Can I see my tattoo beforehand?
We take the details provided and discussed at your consult or discovery phone call and craft a custom piece of art for you. Every artist works slightly differently in their creative process.  Louisa does much of the design work the night before, so things are fresh in mind and hand. Please expect to see your design when you come in on the day of, and to be given the chance to make MINOR alterations if wanted or needed before applying the design to your skin.

If there are any major changes, additions, or subtractions to be made, please let your artist know by the night before. There will not be time at your tattoo appointment to make major changes during your appointment time.  In order to respect all clients that day, your appointment may need to be rescheduled to accommodate any Major drawing changes requested on the day-of, and the booking process began again.

Do you do cover-ups?
Cover-ups require skill and creative solutions, NOT ALL PIECES CAN BE SUCCESSFULLY COVERED. Sometimes removal or lightening sessions are required before we are able to do a clear coverup. Please make a consult appointment to see if you are a candidate or what steps need to be taken. Re-saturation sessions may be required over time.

How much do nipple tattoos cost? 

This may be the most rewarding type of tattoo for an artist to do. This is a highly specialized type of tattooing that only those with the artistic ability to render things realistically,  and have years of tattooing experience should be performing. It requires an artist to know how to effectively tattoo various types of scar tissue in a beautiful realistic way. Please be very picky with who you choose for this, a tattoo is a long term investment, you should only want the best possible for yourself. 

For areola reconstruction tattoos the 2019 price is paid in two payments, $400 is the payment at the initial appointment, and $200 is paid at the perfection visit 7-10 weeks later.  

An artistic mastectomy tattoo is priced per piece. Please always feel free to schedule a quick consult if you should have more questions.

Does it Hurt?
No! woohoo! The majority of mastectomy clients have lost most of their nerve connections in the area, and any residual pain we treat with a topical numbing cream. Please let your artist know if you have any sensitivities to Lidocaine.

When am I ready or How long do I need to wait after surgery? 
Everyone heals at a different pace. In general, I have found most women are ready 6-12 months after their last surgery. Please email us a photo, or set up a consultation of your scar tissue to see if you are ready for your new nipples yet!

We recommend once you are past the initial healing phase after surgery, and with your doctors clearance, to gently massage the area with vitamin e oil and/or castor oil nightly to help skin elasticity and your deeper tissue to heal.

Can you tattoo Irradiated skin? 
Yes. However, it can require patience. I have found some cases of irradiated skin to heal slightly differently than non-irradiated. It may require 1-2 more sessions depending on how reactive your skin is. 

Does insurance cover this?
Yes and No. Each insurance company is different, many bill it as an out-of-network reimbursement . Many health plans for a successful reimbursement, will require a doctors "prescription" (to the artist), a pre-certification # from your insurance,  and an invoice with the specific medical procedure codes to be submitted. Step one to finding out if your procedure will be covered, is to call your insurance; sometimes it takes some firm discussions. There is no guarantee that we can get insurance to cover some or all of the cost.

How long does it take?
It takes about 2-2.5 hours from the time you arrive until you leave. There is no need to take days off work, the after care is very easy and does not require you to make major life changes. (no swimming for two weeks)

How many appointments do I need?
You will see me two times, 7-9 weeks apart, unless it is necessary to have a third "sitting".








"Good tattoos take time. The more time spent, the better the outcome. Something that is on you for the rest of your life, is worth the investment" -Brooke Hume

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