We hope this list of common questions helps you get in touch with us and understand the process! Please make sure you read this page, as well as your chosen service page thoroughly. 


The Shop & Procedures


How is the best way to get directly in touch with Bluebird Ink, speak with an artist, or make an appointment?


We know how many questions you may have! With our hands in-gloves most of the day, it's impossible for us to grab and pick up  the phone while working. We want to make sure we don't miss you and you get our full attention. Please do all scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling through on online booking tool or (confirmation emails for currently scheduled clients) . We even offer booking for phone calls, we know sometimes you just want to talk to a human. 


To set up an appointment, consult, or call go to our online booking site https://bluebirdink.as.me/ to schedule a discovery phone call, an in-shop consultation, or an actual appointment. This helps us ensure every single client in-store, online, and on the phone has our full attention and focus. For a quick simple question please text 502.324.3371.  


Please do not email, or message through social media with important questions, we cannot promise to get back to you with expedience that way. Please use the booking site to schedule a phone call or consult instead. In case of emergency or dire questions text/call 502.324.3371.

What are your prices? 

We base on prices on materials, time, education, training, skill level, and experience. We do our best to remain competitive while keeping our clients experience in mind.  Please visit our online scheduler to see the most up-to-date prices, AND check out your chosen service's FAQ page above for more details. 


Where are you located?

​We are in the NULU area of downtown Louisville. We are on the 2nd floor (via. stairs access) , at 1007 E. Main St. Suite #200, Louisville KY 40206.


We love our neighborhood, we have adorable boutiques and great restaurants within walking distance. Our parking is all on street parking, *Please do no park in Plumbers Supply parking lot during their business hours, or you risk being towed.* Street parking is usually not hard to find within 1-2 blocks of our shop. If you are worried about parking, please arrange transportation.

What are your hours?

​Our shop hours are by Appointment ONLY, each artist has different availability and client hours. Please visit our online scheduler to see what available time works best for you.


For same day appointment requests, please text or call the shop number PRIOR to coming down to ensure someone is available for you. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment. If you should arrive early please check out our neighboring businesses while you wait. 



General Tattoo Information ( Please check out the individual FAQ )


How do I protect my tattoos long term?


sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen! Did we mention using sunscreen? Whether it is permanent makeup or body tattoos, it is paramount to protect it from the sun!

But that isn't the only care your tattoos will need to keep them looking bright and beautiful for years to come.

  • Drinking plenty of water. It leaves your skin plump and happy which means your tattoo will look the same! 

  • Sun protective clothing is a great option as well when you are going to be exposed for long periods of time. Look for SPF of 30 or more. 

  • Keep that skin moisturized! Use body lotions and facial moisturizers that are fragrance and additive free for optimal hydration. Dry skin can leave tattoos looking blurred or faded. Please make sure to avoid chemical peels, acids, Retinols, or Retin-A use in the procedure area.

If your skin gets too dry, or is in need of exfoliation, make sure your tattoo is fully healed and try one of the body scrub recipes on our Facebook video. It will work wonders for your tattoo, and the rest of your body too.

​What is the process of getting a body art tattoo?

Each of our artists have different booking procedures, wait times, and availability based on how they work best. 
PLEASE CHECK OUT THEIR INDIVIDUAL FACTS PAGE. We understand you are excited, we try to get everyone in as soon as our schedules allow.


How much does getting a body art tattoo cost?

Our artists price things a little differently, please make sure to be familiar with your artist’s pricing. At Bluebird Ink, we believe artists with highly specialized skills should be paid fairly for their expertise and skill. We believe you will find us to be very fairly and competitively priced for our skill level and upscale experience we provide. 


I just want to talk to someone really quick!

Our artists work long hours in sanitary conditions, in gloves one-on-one with clients, making it difficult to answer the phone on demand. We completely understand wanting to get answers quickly or wanting to talking to another human being! It is important to use to give each of our clients, or potential clients our full attention. Please jump onto our online scheduler and book a quick phone call with Louisa, so she can give you her full attention. For emergencies please text 502.324.3371.

Read your desired service FACTS page above understand the procedure and booking process.






















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