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Image by Diana Ruseva

Permanent   Makeup


What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is one of the best ways to wake up looking refreshed, and is a huge time saver! While each service has many names across the industry, the process is the same. It is the implantation of color into the upper layer of the dermis in a realistic cosmetic fashion.

Is Permanent Makeup a tattoo?
Yes!  Permanent makeup pigments are very similar to body inks but differ slightly in components and molecular size. PMU inks are formulated to fade a little faster so you can keep your look fresh through the seasons of your life.

How long will my permanent makeup last?
The longevity of your permanent makeup is in-part dependent on how you care for your new tattoo and your biology. Each service will last a number of years prior to needing a "touch-up". These services are considered "permanent" as they may fade with time, but particles of ink will always stay in the upper dermis forever.

Brows- 1-3 years *before touchup
Eyeliner- 2-5 years *before touchup
Lips- 2-3 years *before touchup.

How much does it cost?
Permanent makeup is an investment in your appearance, as well as a time and energy saver! We understand the importance of budgeting and the want to get the very best pricing. This is a field where it's important to research your artist and their capabilities. We keep our pricing competitive with the local market, training, experience, and skill.  

We break the total price up over two appointments and several payments to help you budget your procedure. TWO appointments are required for a finished look. Please visit our booking site for the most up to date individual appointment cost breakdown

What’s the difference between "microblading" and a "powder brow "(aka stardust brow or microshading)?
Microblading is a rudimentary tattoo technique using a handheld tool to slice each individual hair into the skin, depositing ink into  the brow area in a hair-like pattern.
After the initial appointment, it usually requires a follow-up perfection visit about 6 weeks later. While most microblading looks beautiful at first, it does not maintain it's natural appearance well over time.
* In most skin types it can last 6-18 months before needing a color boost. 

* It can take up to 2.5 hours to complete a service like this.

* Downtime is minimal, but no strenuous activity for 3 days after.

* No swimming or soaking for 2 weeks.

* Cost usually around $500-$800

**At Bluebird we do not offer microblading anymore due to the risk of scar tissue and damage it causes the skin.  After years of clients coming back to eventually get a powder brow, we decided to offer only machine hairline techniques. Our experience with body art has taught us that using a single needle to create hairlines does not cause the damage to the skin that Microblading can.

What is a Powder Brow and (Machine) Hairstrokes?
A "powder brow" is a style designed to look exactly as it would with traditional eyebrow powder, pencil, or gel. This is our favorite style to execute! It lasts, looks natural, and ages beautifully. 
This is our preferred brow procedure because it causes the least amount of harm to your skin, lasts significantly longer than microblading, and works beautifully on all skin types.
 A machine "hairlined brow" is where the artist uses a single needle to draw individual hairs to mimic natural hairs.

Both the powder brow and machine hair strokes are done with a tattoo machine using tiny needles to implant ink just below the skin's surface into the dermis (0.5-1.5 mm to be exact). After the initial appointment, it usually requires a follow-up perfection visit about 5-8 weeks later.
* In most skin types it can last 2-5 years before needing a color boost

* We apply a topical Anesthetic for 15-20 prior to the procedure so discomfort is minimal to none at all. (woohoo!)

* It generally takes 1 ½- 2 hours to complete the procedure from numbing, to drawing the outline, to the actual tattooing.

* Downtime: minimal, you can go right back to work! We do ask for no strenuous, sweaty activity for 3-5 days after.

* No swimming or soaking for 2 weeks. You will get an infection.

* Total Cost of both appointments is $500

How do I pick the color I want for my brows, and lips?
The fabulous thing is, you don’t have to pick! We like to see the colors and style you like to wear normally and we help assist you in choosing the pigments that will give you the aesthetic that you want. We spend time studying color theory and getting to know our pigment lines so we can help you make the best choice.

I've had permanent makeup before, will you still work with me?
In most cases yes! We are experienced with color correction and working with scar tissue. When working with a previous artist's work, it may sometimes mean more than 2 sessions; each case is different. PLEASE MAKE A CONSULT APPOINTMENT FIRST SO WE MAY ASSESS THE AREA.

What should I expect at my PMU appointment?
* We start the appointment with a consultation on expectations and what service will work best for your needs and we pick the proper pigments for your service.

* This is where things get fun! We apply a topical anesthetic to numb our working area and let it do its magic for about 15-20 minutes.
* We draw a template that fits your bone structure and needs. This is usually done with a bold color so we have clear lines of our working area. At this point, you get to approve the shape and give us feedback if you are unsure of what you are seeing. 

* The next step is starting your Permanent Makeup!!! The process is virtually painless and you will be in love with the results. We never get tired of seeing the excitement and joy of our clients when they get to see their new makeup and realize they are already makeup and ready to go!


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