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Our Birdies

We believe in beautiful things... in the magic of excellence...
and a dose of kindness added to every service. 
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Louisa Kleinert,

Louisa Kleinert is a Louisville native and professional artist. She holds Fine Art degrees from Centre College, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and professional makeup certifications from Chic Studios in NYC.


Being raised in a medical family, the importance of helping the greater community was instilled in her from an early age.


From experiencing her mother's battle with breast cancer, she sought to help
those battling disfiguration through permanent makeup, paramedical and other body art services.

Body Artist,

Ashley Shumaker

Ashley is a Seattle native who recently received her MFA for Printmaking in Los Angeles. Her tattoo work is informed by nature, etching & linocut printmaking techniques, and traditional scientific illustrations.

As a queer artist, Ashley strives to create a safe space for all bodies, knowing that tattoo shops can be a scary place for many. 

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Body Art Apprentice,

Whitley Truman

Whitley recently graduated with a BFA. Though her degree emphasis was Graphic Design, her deep passion for traditional painting and drawing never wavered. Her artistic interests primarily focus on nature, art history, and women artists. Tattooing was a career that she had always considered, loving the idea of creating personalized art within an intimate, one-on-one setting. After graduating, that interest blossomed into an apprenticeship with Bluebird Ink. She is excited to see what the future holds and grateful for the opportunity to grow as an artist.

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